The Golden Apple

Worker's Lullaby

Music by Chris Robins Kennish
Lyrics by Guy Hepworth

Rise in darkness, knead the dough
Lay it out on the tray
Bake the bread for the worker
At the break of the day

Drive the sheep to the top field
And there they will stay
‘Til you drive them back home
At the end of the day

Push the plough and pull the anchor
For your bread and your pay
Sleep like a newborn
At the end of the day

Scrub the decks, reef the mainsail
Turn the capstan, heave ho!
Retire to your hammock
To sleep on the flow

There you sit at your workbench
Mending heels and their soles
So their work boots will last
Cause you mended their holes


My sweet child my darling
Oh what will you be
Whether baker or cobbler
Or sail on the sea