The Golden Apple

Wishing Fair

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

I know a story as long as your hair
About bric-a-brac stolen from the wishing fair.
Virtues and wealth and other fine wares,
Get ‘em while they’re hot, two for a pair.
They stole and they bought and they gave in the night
Each one of them spending more than they might

At the wishing fair
Wishing fair X2

Gypsies and forest folk gathered the crowds
Dancing in silks from house to house.
Forming a ring in the hamlet square
And they danced ‘til the sun went down over there.
They hopped and they skipped and they faded away,
Soft silhouettes to another days play

With the wishing fair
Wishing fair X2

Sit ‘round the campfire and tell a few tales,
Making the wares for the wishing fair sales.
Eyes flicker over the burning embers,
Raw wood and cloth being made into wares.
A stitch and a kiss entwined in the cloth,
Feather light ashes is kicked then they’re off

With the wishing fair,
Wishing fair X2