The Golden Apple

When Will I be King

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

All around the tower, Nobles arrive by the hour
The guards are all stationed for this Coronation
A king will be placed into power.

Sitting alone in a cell, a poor lad from grace I have fell
Thieving through poverty, sentenced to misery
Tale of misfortune I tell.

Oh, when will I be king. Oh, could there be such a thing

The gates of the palace are drawn, trumpets herald the throne
The gentry bow low, a successor is chosen.
The hands of the people are shown

Ask myself what choice have I, Freedom and will been denied
A dungeon surrounds me, because of my family
The poorest of beggars my pride.

Oh, dreaming when I will be King. Oh, could there be such a thing

New King with mantle in hand, has he the voice of command
He feels the great weight of his office and state
A prisoner within his own land

Still here crouching below, the lowest no further to go
I rule over cats, who feed on the rats
My Kingdom is small, but who knows

Oh, now that I am the King, could you believe such a thing
Oh, now that I am the King I order you all now to sing

When will I, when will I be, when will I be King X8
Long live the King! (x4)