The Golden Apple

The Trader's Song

Lyrics by Guy Hepworth and Mike Crook 
Melody by Guy Hepworth

I’m a travelling trader, a peddler of goods
I wander the highways, from mountains to woods.
I stop in your village to gossip and stares,
But you’re eager to browse, and sample my wares

Come sample my wares, Only two for a pair

We’ve tankards and goblets and goods of fine leather
Give me a moment, I’ll find you that feather
We’ve quill, ink and parchment but never mind that
I can see that you really want that outrageous hat

Oh fancy that, outrageous hat

Hey-la, hey-la ho!
We’re off, we’re on the road
Hey-la, hey-la ho,
Pack up and off we go

If you’re feeling Skian Mhorish and need to Chow down
Then get Battle Ready, Eldritch is in town
When it comes to Light Armour and Craftigan’s near
As If By Magic, shopkeeper appears

Just catch my eye, touch and you buy


Potions in bottles and wands of strange metal
Cloth by the yard and songs from the bards.
Masks made of wood to curdle the blood
Lovely long dresses with gems in their hems

Honeycomb, spices, dyes of all colour,
Nostrums and powders to make you feel fuller.
Fine bows and arrows that come in the quiver,
Long woollen cloaks to keep out the shivers.

Knives swords and axes for hacking and slaying,
Religious robes for kneeling and praying.
Gloves, shirts and trousers, armour and boots
The one thing you won’t find here is fresh fruit

Strawberry fair, we’re not go-ing there