The Golden Apple

The Dance of Life A song for Amelie and José

Lyrics & melody by Guy Hepworth & Mike Crook

She crawls upon the hearthen stone.
She learns to stand with growing bones
She plays among the sunlit stones.
She’ll walk the dance of life (X2 all verses)

Questing far with windswept hair.
She’ll find the green eyed idol where
The bolder soldiers would not dare.
She’ll take the dance of life

She gives her heart with all her shade,
In truth and friendship love is made
Love may last or pass and fade, but
She’ll love the dance of life

To take up arms, defend her right.
Leading armies, power and might
Victory won hard through the fight.
She’ll win the dance of life

Raised up high upon her throne.
Ruling realm but not alone
Her people love her for their own.
She’ll rule the dance of life

We learn and we live we dance on the path of our life
But how can we know that the dance that we’re doing is right
Put trust in the music and throw up your hands to the sky
While we dance we may fly

Tiny hands and pink of face.
Children’s feet now run the race
Their laughter rings around the place.
She’ll love the dance of life

She dances still with aching knees.
Grandchildren call and try to please
Time has come to take her ease.
She’s danced the dance of life

Stars will turn and iron will rust.
We are all born and come to dust
Then born again so we all must
Dance the dance of life.

She’ll dance the dance of life

So we’ll all dance the dance
Moving & stopping & edging & crawling

Yes we’ll all dance the dance
Jumping & tripping & limping & falling

And we’ll all dance the dance of life
Climbing & chancing & leaping & dancing in life