The Golden Apple

The Call

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

Do you hear the call from a hundred lives,
Watch it soar feel it dive
A village heart unite as one,
Buried in soil but the spirit lives on
What was this place to believe it now,
Just a plot of land to be kept somehow

Do you hear the call X4 

A quiet place worth much more than gold,
Family ways never bought or sold
To take up arms is a dead man’s course,
But a home fire flame is a driving force
A freeman’s fork, he will turn it round,
He will turn his soil and defend his ground


There is a fear for what’s yours and mine,
To be taken away lost in time
To be left alone for a lifetime’s work,
For the simple path what is it’s worth
So hear the call from a war torn voice
Whether right or wrong we’ll have no choice