The Golden Apple

The Book of Ancient Rights

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

In the book of ancient rights, where the stories never wither
The breeze that catch the kites of the happy ever afters

Once saw you in a tale being hunted by the dragon
The wind began to wail and sent your scent to Krackon
His nose was set to twitch his leather wings did fly
Did he find you in the folds of the pages you and I
Are turning every day fore he’s searching for his prey

In the book of ancient rights X 4 

A hundred years asleep is a fable for the children
Good and bad is deep and there is a dog-eared reason
And my love for it is real as real as time itself
When a good man sees his end and so discovers wealth
In the pages of the book ooh true stories if you look


Once placed upon a time we have our past and futures
From triumphs to decline they are masoned in our ledgers
From things we cannot change to the paths we cannot see
We’ll always have the right to write religiously
Of this era of the world for we children we must learn