The Golden Apple

Taken Away

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

A man in the morning has taken his tools and gone
To work for some landlord and money to keep out the frost
His lady and young ones have tried with him worked hard and lost
The day that the harvest was taken away from the farm

Ten maybe twenty odd miles he’s travelled the day
And he picks up a job for some coppers then looks at his pay
The sun tells the traveller its time to move on move away
And he curses the day that the harvest was taken away

Its taken away
Away, taken away X4 

He remembers the time when the seasons were good to his life
Working and loving his land like his children and wife
Come July August they’d reap what they’d sown in the spring
Then dozens of men would demand their share of the thing

Somehow the laws of the land were changing the ways
For the law will be making the world a much fairer place
So pay with your neighbour to the lords of our land come now pay
And watch while most of your harvest is taken away


A man in the morning returns from working away
And he looks at his barn to see nothing but memories and hay
He calls to his family to show for his work what he’s made
And they can’t understand why their lives are moving this way

They’re moving away
Away moving away X2
Away, taken away X8