The Golden Apple

Our Story

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

Come old man, tell me a story
Of lost loves and glory
Rest your bones, sit round the table.
Pass wine and old fables.
Watch our time X3

In the past, Folklore was real
Like iron and steel
Fill my ears with talk of the old tales
Pass down your old ways.
Keep them alive X3

Sleep into history, whispers of ages gone by.
Teach me your memories and I will awake for our time.
Our time x2

Come to pass the ways of the Witches,
Wisdom and riches.
Heal our wounds, caught in progression.
The future’s obsession.
Wasting or time X3

Lost in the future and that doesn’t suit you, well fine
Dig out your heritage; take on the weight of our time.
Our time X3

Come, old man; teach me our story.
Our story x3