The Golden Apple

Our Enemies

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

Stand tall, our goddess is watching this day
Fight and fall, our goddess is hearing us pray
So chant and stamp, put all your meek thoughts away
Come drink your wine and sing with us for daybreak many will die

By our enemies, our enemies
Standing and facing our enemies
Our enemies, our enemies
Falling to conquer our enemies

This land is ours, passed down through families of old
Unsheathe your blade, trespassing steal is cold
So light the fire, our heritage cannot be sold
The breath of death, inflict upon them one and all

On our enemies, our enemies
Frighten the souls of our enemies
Our enemies, our enemies
This land is ours not our enemies

The dust will set and the earth is cut raw with fight
The blood is wet and it runs through the rivers of night
To seek the foes who’ll battle with us at daylight
Warn any man who takes a stand you know he’s not got the right

Our enemies, our enemies
Fight for the land with our enemy
Our enemies, our enemies
No man from this clan’s our enemy X2