The Golden Apple

Musket Pipe & Drum

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

Red of blood, and sash of white.
Big black boots, nice and tight
Stand in line, with bold intent,
Wear the colours, of a regiment
A regiment

See you my love I’m off to war

Kiss a bonny soldier, over the sea.
For king and country, to make us free
Let’s shed a tear, for that bonny soldier,
We should have told her and made it clear.
Made it clear.

What it really means to go to war.
Off to fight some men on another shore

Musket, pipe and drum X3

March them up the hill,
And march them down again
They’re stood in lines and lines,
To make you proud of them
Box of tin soldiers, all stood together
All kinds of weather, they’re feeling tall.
Feeling tall

And when they were up they were up X2
But when they were down they stayed down

Watch them packs me boys.
Keep your powder dry
Write your love and wives.
Before we die X3

Come bonny soldiers, come fight with me.
For king and country, to make us free.
A life of glory, in the cavalry.
Or be the backbone, of an infantry
An infantry

Take one step forth who wants a war.
There’s blood and tears for the cause.
Who’s prepared to die for this war?

Musket, pipe and drum X8
And the only things returning X2