The Golden Apple

Meet At The Shark

Lyrics & Melody by Mike Crook

Meet at The Shark, call it dark nine
Watch the sun going down, drink till we’re blind
Find a Rosie or May, help with losing our time
Help lose all of our pay, their hearts and their minds

Twice as many souls they sink upon the land as those are lost at sea

Don’t look up in the dark, always look down
Their lives are falling apart, and are ready to drown
You give half of your purse, or have it taken all down
This is chapter and verse in this crumbling town

Twice as many souls they sink
Upon the land as those are lost at sea
Half of those were trying something new
But given something old to eat

So ride your luck today and pray that it will last
If you look into a mirror, remember thats the past
Give some when you can to even out the sides
Cos when your turn comes round, will your luck be there to ride

Gang up on this town, lose all our wage
Break a few hearts, buy a few slaves
Because it’s easy to do, and it makes us feel brave
Some dreams will die tonight and some will be saved

Half of all the people here are
Lonelier than most or all of you.
Raise a glass and toast to those
Who can not make a toast for two.

Hands up in the air.
Wave them like your soul is lost at sea X2

Meet up in The Shark X4

Hey ho the rum goes down,
You’ll look better as the night goes round.
Pick a fella, pick a fight and spread your crown,
Come again when in a back street town