The Golden Apple

Law & Order

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

On a Friday night’s chase of a drunkard’s demise
I wistfully emptied my flagon.
Caught in a fight between wrong and right
The night watch gave me his baton.
He gave me the right to speak and confess
To my actions before in the tavern:
Without a true word, I raised up my hands
Cursed and then let him have them

Woke up in the stocks, my feet held in blocks,
I’ll never, never, never do it again 
Eyes black and red and I wish I was dead
And I’ll never X9 do it again

They let me out sunset; I staggered towards home
Returning with fist, eye and backache.
My wife on the porch, holding a candle,
And a look far too burning to take
I said not a word, she threw something loose
We started to fight in the street
The guards were called quickly, remembered my face
And shackled my head, hands and feet


Learn your lesson from me, a drinking man’s life can be costly.
Fight on a Friday, regret it on Sunday,
It’s no fun for blaggards like me X2

Woke up on Sunday, Gods hitting my forehead
The thoughts that I had were of rest
So not feeling homesick, I turn to a guesthouse
To buy me a bed and some jest.
I slept and I drank on the weight of my purse
I drank ‘til it came closing time
I went for my silver, some bastard had robbed me
I ran with my pitcher of wine


Ooh never again X3