The Golden Apple

Jack Dancer

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

You’ve heard from many sources, you’ve heard by word of mouth,
About highwaymen of old, the stories sell them large and proud
A man they named Jack Dancer was a fellow of this kind,
He shot good men for money, and left no solid proof behind.
The only light in his blackened heart was the sound of a woman’s voice

He would dance for Mary, dance for Jane,
He’d spin his tailcoat to each refrain
He’d dance for Mary, dance for Jane, 
Jack Dancer was his name
Was his name X2

Death toll in its fifties, reward for captured gold
For every purse he lifted, the Devil for more would claim his soul.
Jack Dancer and his weakness, would dance for ladies fair
The song became his mistress and in public houses he would dare
To risk his neck for a pretty voice and the revellers they would shout


Now Jack was never tried or hung, his feet were much too fast
But the residents of Hades, they knew his time had come at last
The curtain of this story is strange enough to tell
They say the Devil sang to him and danced him screaming down to Hell
And the man who made the people cheer and many victims poor


Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, he even stole the candlesticks
When he ran out of money, he’d danced the highways long

He’d dance for Mary, dance for Jane
He’d spin his tailcoat to each refrain.
Dance for Mary, dance for Jane,
Jack dancer was his name.
Was his name X3