The Golden Apple


Lyrics & Melody by Chris Kennish

The hearts of two lovers kissed one summers day
In the eyes of the goddess they shone
A passion that burned so deep in their souls,
A union was never so strong

Then just as their loving was full in its bloom
From each other’s arms they were torn
The criers and heralds throughout the duke’s land
Called the men of the realm off to war…He said

Goodbye goodbye goodbye my love
Fare thee well fare thee well fare thee well 
Goodbye goodbye goodbye my love
Fare thee well fare thee well fare thee well

A terrible war waged for many a year and our
Lovers they loved all alone
When a sergeant at arms now deserted his post
The time it had come to go home

He sailed cross the sea and he rode cross the land
To find his true hearts dear love
When he came to her father’s castle he saw
That the duke’s flag was flying above

She said I cannot see you any more X2
Cannot see you any more

A stable boy saw a man at the gate and
Knowing him did to him say
The duke he has married your true love so dear
And pledged that you he will slay

The sergeant drew out his sword of grey steel
Challenged the duke with a cry
My lord whom I’ve fought for for many a year
Prepare yourself this day to die

Their swords clashed and struck sparks on this winter’s day
As the men they fought onto the death
When the duke’s sword slipped through the young sergeant’s guard
And found its home in his breast

His lady cried out as she rushed to his side
Pushing the duke from her way
She held him so close; he looked up to her eyes
Drew his last breath and did say

Goodbye goodbye goodbye my love
Goodbye goodbye goodbye X7