The Golden Apple

A Flag with No Nation

Lyrics by Jake Wilson
Melody by Guy Hepworth & Michael Crook

Sea rovers in town, our ship rolls in,
In too short a while we’ll lose all of our tin.
Cheap lusty women, strong liquor in reach
We’ll spend our night’s naked face down in the street.
So bring us more beer and bring on the wine
While there’s gold in our pockets we’ve nothing
But time

For a flag that has no nation, makes an enemy of the world
With cutlass take our stock-in-trade of other peoples gold

She caught my eye as she danced on the table,
So I went to stand while I was still able.
I said, “Dance for me and take all of my money!”
And she blew me a kiss so much sweeter than honey.
Her hair tumbled down and her black eyes burned bright
And I fell in love for the whole of that night.

For we may hang tomorrow, or by cannon shot cut down.
We’ll live each moment to the full and reap all we have sown 

The room disappeared as I fell to my seat,
And she beat a wild rhythm with her hands and her feet
But a nobleman saw her and took her away,
With offers of riches and gold he would pay.
Now my ship is sailing and I must move on.
This town’s not for me now my Sally
Has gone.

Now she has kings to dance for, and I have seas to sail.
Though she will never have my heart, my love will never fail.
So ships will burn as I do, and men will die in pain,
Until my blood grows quiet; or she is mine again.

CHORUS 1 then 2

One question I have for the folks gathered here
Helping themselves to strong whiskey and beer
From old Rangoon to the Carribee,
We’ve dipped our toes in every sea.
But the answer escapes me as hard as I try,
How can we live forgetting we’ll die
Ooh Sally X2

A sober man shouldn’t be leaving his bed,
So give me a moment to clear my head.
We’ll sing some more of a life on the sea.
Round all the Japans to the Isle of Lundy.
And in uncharted waters we will rove
‘Til we dig up the treasure in dead mans’ cove

CHORUS 1 then 2