The Golden Apple

Elfin Boy

Lyrics by Beverley Leslie
Music by Chris Kennish

Call to you each night, call to you each day,
'Til the voice in my mind grew weary.
Hoping you'd hear my voice as clear,
As the vision of you I could see

A full moon rose on a night so clear,
I hoped and prayed that you'd hear.
A gypsy knight, you sprang from the woods,
And brought me to sanctuary here.

And the rainbow haired elfin boy smiled,
With his eyes like a child.
Graceful his fingers, they waltzed on the strings,
Gentle the songs, that he sings.

You tell me to rest, then Prince though you be,
You ask of me what you can do.
Food you bring me and drink and clothes,
That I should be giving to you.

What have I to give but my songs and my love,
My dreams they are yours to share.
Give you myself and part of my world,
For both of us offer one prayer.


Bells soft ring in the breeze from the woods,
The last dying breath of the night.
Sleepy birds singing their trembling warning,
Soon it will be daylight.

Come wake gentle elfin boy,
Let love grow once more and then,
Teach me your songs for me to keep,
And sing our dreams over again.