The Golden Apple


Lyrics by Jake Wilson & Guy Hepworth
Melody by Guy Hepworth & Michael Crook

A star broken night on a field of black glass
I chased after a pearl jet course on her path
She is clothed by the night and bright points in the black
Dressed only in darkness that falls down her back

Like smoke through my fingers like her tears in the night
My sweet love is too distant I’ll soon die away from her 
Light X4

My ship splits the water cuts the shadows in half
But the closer she seems the more twisted the path
I’m a moth to her flame I’m a cry in the night
Give me the chance and I’ll burn in her light


She’s my reason for being alive I need her by my side X3
Fiery footsteps on a black velvet sky
My spirit is lead and my heart cannot fly
I have reached for the sun and she blinded my eyes
But the image of her will last me my life


So bright X4