The Golden Apple

Dance to the Sun

Lyrics & Melody by Mike Crook

I can not sleep on this night and more
Forgotten what these eyes are for
I toss and turn the rain that may
Wash the black of my soul away

I will never be dry, never to dream again X2

The light of the sun is over clouds
The heat of the earth is underground
This cup of ours has just run dry
I ask for you and you answer why

It will never be cold, it will never be this cold again X2

Join hands and dance to the sun,
Bring hope to life that’s begun
The devil’s been clever you have to severe the tether,
Encourage your spirit to run
Join hands and dance to the sun

I’ve lost a friend in my brother’s heart
We broke away then grew apart
Regret is on my back today
My brother’s life a price to pay

I will never be low, never see his face again
I will never be low, never be this low again


We break our bones and make our way
Parade our sins from day to day
Hell is open the walk is old
Or hold my hand and don’t be sold

Never be chained, never be chained again
Never be shamed, hope will be claimed again