The Golden Apple

Castleheart Conquered

Lyrics by Mike Crook & Guy Hepworth
Melody by Mike Crook

It’s told there once was a castle
A gem of un-rivaling price
It was solid to look at but cold to the touch
Secure in it’s place on the map

For years the turrets stood wary
No-one made merry at court
The walls they stood tall, content with the halls
Where echoes and memories were caught

My heart has been conquered, a strong hold no longer
Breached by a maiden so fair                                          
Defences were strong but I kept them too long
Forgot what a real heart is for X2

Early one morn I woke with a yawn
The dawn brought a new light so fair
She lept over the moat, the drawbridge she broke
Bringing her Summer fanfare

Faced with this vision I pressed the intruder
To call out the truth if she dared
She showed me the dungeon I’d built as a child
Opened the door for the air


My armour fell short so I reached for my sword
Gripped with a lingering grief
Her will was too strong, an army of beauty
My kingdom was all hers to keep


What a real heart is for (with Chorus)

Now she has danced for Kings and I have sailed the Seas*

* Inspired by Jake Wilson lyrics Flag with no Nation.