The Golden Apple

Castle Heart

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

The castle is open for visitors today
The home of a young prince though jaded and grey
The rooms have seen maidens, some strong and some gay
But have long since departed for kingdoms away

The cullis is rusted from years of neglect
The reasons are secrets that have long since been kept
From the land on the outside and the people thereon
My heart has been left with no queen on its throne

Come shoo the birds from the towers in me
And I’ll show you a man whose kingdom is free 

The war between reason and love has been thrown
For and against the walls of my home
My heart is a castle, which too few have owned
So now here in peacetime I sit high, alone


I keep at the window my distance from you
The landscape you centre, it shines from the dew
A jewel in the crown of a kingdom in June
I look with my heart and I weep for a duel


The castle is open for visitors today X2
The castle is open for you today