The Golden Apple

The Blessing of the Bard

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook

A bard he rests as he sings the day
And the charms of harmony will lead his way
And his spirit calls with a silver tongue
And he listens hard and he listens long

Be blessed, be blessed, be blessed
Lay your sword to rest
Clasp your foe and share the jest
Death will take us all some day be blessed be blessed

We fight and strive for a peaceful life
To take up home with child and wife
Much blood is spilt for this resolve
What ugly webs we have wove


The bard he laughs as he moves along
In his peaceful guise as a man of song
But listen to the words that sound so fair
The truth will kill and then repair

Repair, repair, repair,
Repair your hearts despair
In the path of life there is no quest
So clasp your foe and share the jest

Be blessed X4

The farmer sweats as he works the land
And the queen will sit in her tower so grand
On the bridge between the bard will stand
Stretching out to join their hands


Be blessed X8