The Golden Apple

Begin Again A song for Wayland

Lyrics & Melody by Mike Crook

Mark my time, bury my soul,
Fill the hole X2

You can let it go,
You can push it away
You can put it in the ground or
Put it to the flame,
Wave it out the bay

You can say your good bye’s and
Begin to forget
Put it in the attic,
Place it on the shelf
With no regrets

The tide will go out and
The tide will come in,
Begin again

Say your last words,
Don't make it a prayer,
They don't use them there X2

Pick up your tools and
Make your peace
Leave it for the beggars and seekers
To retrieve

Say your farewells
With a welcoming smile
Leave an open book
So they can write their names
Or read awhile

It feels like breathing out and
It feels like breathing in,
Begin again

Mark my time, bury my soul,
Fill the hole X2  (along side below)

Is chosen by the great unknown
So i will keep it young although my heart is old

I know that it won’t last forever
So ill try to paint it in the brightest colours

Is given to a life thats driven
By the love of others and the will to build and fill the hole

Oooh ooh fill the hole