The Golden Apple

Any Excuse

Lyrics & Melody by Michael Crook & Guy Hepworth

We’re all gathered tonight
To mark this auspicious occasion we’re gathered tonight
Silence if you please
Let's all remember the reason we came here

Any excuse for a skinful
A tradition passed down from the years
From Vikings to modern people
Any excuse for a beer (CHORUS)

Bow to the beautiful bride
Let's shed a tear now the knot has been tied
Try and be polite
Cos usually the inlaws and outlaws get legless and fight


A party, a hoolie, a skinful, a wing-ding,
A knees up, a hoe down come on

Please take your hats off and pray
Our dearly departed has now passed away
I think if he stood here today
He’d buy the first drink and to hell with his pay


Drink, drink (Repeat)

Please now raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen in a toast to this the 21st anniversary of the death of the bridegroom

Drink, drink (Repeat)


This day may come once a year
Or once in a lifetime so fill it with beer
Remember your good time tonight
Cos by god in the morning you’ll feel the sky falling


Any excuse