The Golden Apple

A Drunkship Of Cobblers

Lyrics & Melody by Mike Crook

When one is standing alone,
The world is a very big place
We need the company of people,
Shoulder to shoulder or face to face
A branch can break in the breeze
But a forest will weather the storm
Sometimes the company of strangers
Is the warmest company of all

A fire and friends, some good wine and beer
Will banish the darkness and temper the fear
Lets all come around and gather together
Then march like a drunkship of cobblers
March, march, march, march like a drunkship of cobblers
March, march, march, march X5,
March like a drunkship of cobblers

The heart, it needs a companion,
The soul will grow with a friend,
Even Narcissus needs a reflection to
See what is real or pretend
We all have our thoughts and ideas,
A gift that is given to all
Keeping them locked from the outside,
It’s a crime to silence the call


Jump to the left, step to the right,
Bow to your partner, try not to fight
Spin counter clockwise
Resist the temptation to fall.

The journey through life is a long one,
The longest thing you’ll ever do
You’ll need a good pair of shoes
And they always turn up in twos
Laces or buckles or straps,
Prepare for the pathway ahead
A storybook stamped with adventure,
Memories live on when they’re shared